Congratulations America! You Live in a Fascist Country :)

Welcome my friend!

I'm glad you've decided to join me on this journey. Who am I? Why I'm The Jolly Dollar! As you probably know, I am already a very influential and important force in your life. I am here to bestow troves of wisdom upon you in due time. What can be found here is a collection of bits of knowledge strewn together to create a toolbox that can help both you and me along our journey called life.

If you have never explored the concept of Anarchy before, you may be initially scared or troubled by the word and the concept. Believe you and me, many very powerful people would like to keep it that way. But Alas I am here to see you through this temporary hang up! You see Anarchy is typically associated in the media with chaos and violence. While this is definitely a form of Anarchy, it is not a representation of the philosophy as a whole. In fact in many ways violence is contradictory to Anarchy, more on this later.

The reason for this is that the real most meaningful definition of Anarchy is that of freedom from rulers and being ruled or controlled or manipulated or coerced by external forces that very rarely have your best interest in mind. It is this definition of Anarchy that terrifies those who seek to rule over you in one way or another. Their worst nightmare would be for everyone to become awakened to the true nature of society and how it is abused to subvert, control, and enslave you. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Well, those who'd rather keep you under their rule know that a great way to do that is to keep you in the dark about the true forces at work in your life and how to escape them.

But fear not my fellow traveler, for I am here to help you move through these distractions.

Best Travels! -The Jolly Dollar