Congratulations America! No If, Ands, or Buts about it, You Live in a Fascist Country :)

Are you kidding me dude? We don't live in a fascist country. That description is meant for 3rd world puppet regimes, those dick-munchers from world war II, and that fat kid in North Korea.

Well, although all those societies are indeed fascist in one way or another, so is The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave bitch. If we just go by what our dear friend Mosoulli said, "Fascism is the merger of corporations and the state". Then in America we have almost total and complete fascism now. In many ways we always have, but this is some next level shit, especially when everything would appear so open and normal on the surface.

You don't think America is a Fascist country for one reason or another, but all of those reasons, while some may contain an ounce of truth, are pound foolish. America is really well described as a Plutocracy right now. Rule by of and for the Rich or Wealthy.

America at many times feels like it's the best country on the earth. We eat, watch, and order more shit online than any other pansy ass country on this planet. Our GDP is the highest in the world and in most ways will remain higher than China's for the foreseeable future. We drive music, movie, and consumer culture for the entire world; our money is the world reserve currency, and instead of us learning everyone else's language they are learning ours because 'Merica. So it looks like things are going just swell for the good old US-of-A, but like a cheap ring the thin gold coating is hiding a darker secret underneath.

Let me preface my criticisms with some butter to make the brussel sprouts go down easier. I do like this country. In many ways I love it. It is where I have grown into who I am today and in many ways I owe much to it. There is a lot to love about America, and those parts I wouldn't trade for anything. But for the sake of every 4th of July hot dog we've every wolfed down, we've got to come clean about what's happened. You know like I do that something is awry with where we find ourselves right now. You feel it.

How is America a Fascist Country? Well, first we have almost total and complete corruption of the levers and mechanisms of our government. That doesn't help.

Neither does our foreign policy.

See you next time! -Professor X-Ray